FolderShine Version 2.00.52

The software program that will make your file managing experience a much quicker and more convenient one, simply by adjusting folders' appearances

If you're one of those users who have to manage scores and even hundreds of folders you surely encounter some difficulties telling them apart. Since every folder appears exactly the same in Windows, that boring old yellow folder icon, you have to strain your eyes and read each and every folder's name. That's just fine when we're talking about just a few folders, but imagine how frustrating navigating through hundreds of folders can get.
FolderShine takes care exactly of that problem. To figuratively describe it, it can be your compass in a sea of folders (we actually like that last one). With a few easy and simple clicks you can apply a different look to any folder you'll like, making the important ones noticeable and easily locatable. By doing so, you can make your work much more efficient and productive on the one hand, and much more colorful and interesting on the other.
With FolderShine you'll be able to change folders' icons, colors and overall appearances. You can create your own index or even indices. Blue folders can contain games or other leisure activities while red folders can contain important tasks to be accomplished. A folder depicted by an unusual icon can tell you that it contains photos or digital media while an icon used to represent another folder can imply it contains business documents. There's virtually no limit to what you can do with this simple tool and you can make your daily work on your PC a much more intuitive, pleasant and efficient one.
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